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Luhan - 140628 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Chongqing

Credit: Brighteyes.

Tao screams:”Let me hear the loudest screaming in the concert!”
Luhan:”I think you’re the loudest one.”
Tao:”Let me show you my greatest car!”
Luhan:”I don’t want to see.”
Tao:”It’s time you left.”

Tao’s fan @小相的樱桃CherryTao get married today. Best wishes for you!


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A fan asked Kai’s sister why she didn’t open a fried chicken shop, she said Kai will eat up all.


@酷炫狂拽屌霸药-:“If I didn’t mistake the man, this is Luhan, he just bought two pairs of Air Jordan.Guess the generation.”

@Shinalim About Tao

140624 Tao WB updated:I don’t know why so many things happened this year, just have a walk and relax. I wish we could get over all bad things after having a laugh~how about you guys。。If you feel blue, give yourself a smile~although I couldn’t see you, I wish everyone likes EXO be happy,whether now or in the future.

@张筱菁(SM staff in Beijing) updated WB: Fortunately, the photo(Luhan making up in a room) is not taken by pinhole camera after searching.However, it’s still immoral to take candid photo arbitrarily.For those saesang fans going too far with rude words , have you ever thought this is not love but hurt.


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