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140630 Tao comes back to Qingdao today.

Tao screams:”Let me hear the loudest screaming in the concert!”
Luhan:”I think you’re the loudest one.”
Tao:”Let me show you my greatest car!”
Luhan:”I don’t want to see.”
Tao:”It’s time you left.”

Tao’s fan @小相的樱桃CherryTao get married today. Best wishes for you!

@Shinalim About Tao

140624 Tao WB updated:I don’t know why so many things happened this year, just have a walk and relax. I wish we could get over all bad things after having a laugh~how about you guys。。If you feel blue, give yourself a smile~although I couldn’t see you, I wish everyone likes EXO be happy,whether now or in the future.

The fan says her friend’s driving teacher is the same guy teaching EXO.Tao asked teacher to turn off the monitoring system secretly and step on the gas to get a gang out of speeding.
cr:mandi_i2 via:璐咪虾咪

140617 Tao update profile to support Luhan:
Your first work, your first trying, you represent EXO, come on Lu Zi, you’re great, come back soon when you finish the scenes.

PS: Name + Zi is diminutive of the name.


@無敌LOLIxi EXO the lost planet in HK

140611 Just now they play a video about the most unforgettable bro event and how 11 members moving on.Lay,luhan,Suho cried in the video. Tao and Lay tears down at the scene.


140611 EXO send their albums as gifts to MC, three continuous photos are Tao cards.Nana says if they collect seven cards they could summon a dragon.


@deerhannie The second before Tao falling in the crane

手语姐姐 (Disabled Federation sign language teacher, Hangzhou TV sign language news anchor): I don’t feel like this is sign language, it’s more like their original creation or team sign. 

@眠夏夏 140529 Luhan and Tao were in Sun Hill Cafe at about two o’clock. Cafe assistant asked him “Are you EXO?” They both froze for a moment. Tao pointed to Luhan and said “He is! I’m just a student!” Luhan’s eyes became a slit when he smiled.He looks stunning(cry). Tao is a little scary when he stopped talking.Tao paid 16500 WON. Tao got tongue when he spoke strawberry in Korean English, so he changed to speak it in Korean, stumbling again.