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1406226 Lay Interview video online:

He is doing well as temporary MC in Music Chart. He has great talent in eloquence with quick and clear mind. He hopes to take part in more activities and he would like to have his own channel to introduce bright and happy things to fans. He’s also very interested in acting.Too much chances are waiting for him. He has two program will be released recently.


20140511 上海Showcase

레이는 제스처 게임에 잘 못해?
Lay is bad at charade.
It’s very cute.

Lay cooked fish

@陪着兴 Lay: Promised to stay together, how can you give up?


@stellalala520 140611 Mr He(MC) says they record the video individually, so they don’t know what other says. When the staff edit the video, they found that they said the same thing.Fans could not help cring while watching VCR. Lay burst into tears. Tao remembers that when he comes to the practice room, everyone is sweating and smiling, actually their heart are exhausted.Luhan doesn’t know what to say in VCR.Lay says there’s the time they couldn’t bear with so many people staying together.Just take it easy and everything could be solved.”We’re a team, everything can be done as long as we get together.”

140611 Just now they play a video about the most unforgettable bro event and how 11 members moving on.Lay,luhan,Suho cried in the video. Tao and Lay tears down at the scene.


140611 Lay says the most interesting comment in weibo is that: Lu hiong, you wish everyone grow sturdy,however,you prefer thin girls.


140611 Nana asks

@LustCaution色戒Lay whether he tastes the chilli souce bring for him.Lay says after he take two spoons of it, Luhan eat up all.


140602 The Lost Planet in Hong Kong   cr.JoeyHuo   do not edit.

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[140530] Some fans bumped into Luhan, Xiumin and Lay at a cafe and got their autographs.

fun time …crazy !!

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@Ruki_Galaxy 140529 Met Luhan&LAY Her friends went to the cafe to celebrate No Minwoo(ICON)’s birthday.They saw Lay first, Lay said:”Luhan is in front of them.” 

140529 Tao ins