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Luhan, Xiumin - 140607 I Love You Republic of Korea 2014 Dream Concert

Credit: Page One. (사랑한다 대한민국 2014 드림콘서트)


[140530] Some fans bumped into Luhan, Xiumin and Lay at a cafe and got their autographs.

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140520 Idol Champion Recording Luhan&Xiumin

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140518 First car: Luhan, Lay,Xiumin,Chen Second car:Baekhyun Chanyeol Third car: Suho D.O Kai. Sehun and Tao haven’t left yet.


luhan running his hand up xiumin’s body 

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140217 cr:hushdo & xiumin_obba & sibaldogsuni

131223 | After Baidu Boiling Point Award, SJ Kyuhyun, EXO Kris, Luhan, Sehun, Xiumin,D.O had dinner in Harbor City(hot pot) together.


@CANEashley 130830 Luhan and Xiumin playing football.

@花痴豆 (fan of Heelchul)

@ninerland (fan of Heelchul) Luhan and Xiumin played football.These kids watched them at the side for a long time. When they two had a rest, they came to ask them for sign.They readily signed.

130820 SSTP Xiumin said he was going to prepare a live with Luhan, however, he was so unfit so it’s really a pity. Tao said he’s not well too, he said he should have brought more joy to everyone.He promised to play with everyone next time.